Ikram Alumni (Ikram Vocational Program, Architecting on Amazon Web Services)

"I would like to thank the Ikram Foundation for their immense generosity from the bottom of my heart. I had been struggling for many years as a single mother. Ikram Foundation has been supporting me very much in getting my certifications in my career, in order to better my life for myself and my son for a brighter..." 



Ikram Supporter

" IKRAM Foundation is an amazing organization fulfilling a truly vital community need of empowering, educating and equipping Muslim women. Keep up the inspiring work! "


Ikram Alumni (Ikram Degree Program, Organizational Leadership in Strategic Thinking & Innovation) 

"Dear Ikram Foundation family,

I wanted to share with you my happy news. I finished my Masters Alhamdullah and just had my graduation ceremony this Friday 12/13 with 3.5 GPA. Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership- my major is in Strategic Thinking and Innovation...."


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