Ikram Alumni Program

Ikram believes that strong leaders and institutions are key to creating a world where American Muslims can live and thrive with dignity

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2019 Alumni

LLM Degree, American University
Ikram Degree Program, 2019
MA in Islamic Studies, George Washington University
Ikram Degree Program, 2019
Physician Assistant, King’s College
Ikram Degree Program, 2019

MA in Organizational Leadership in Strategic Thinking & Innovation, Brenau University

Ikram Degree Program, 2019

Certification in Arabic Teaching Course, Private Teacher

Certification in English, Adult Education Center

Ikram Vocational Program, 2019

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), Global Educational Institute

Ikram Vocational Program, 2019

Adult Education Courses, FCPS Adult & Community Education

Ikram Vocational Program, 2019

Physical Education, George Mason University 

Ikram Degree Program, 2019

Bachelor's Degree

Ikram Degree Program, 2019
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Ikram Foundation

Ikram is the foundation for empowerment of Muslim women. We recognize the unique struggles of Muslim women in the United States. 100% of online donations are zakat eligible, tax deductible, and directly fund clients’ education

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