Frequently Asked Questions

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Who Qualifies for an Ikram Grant?

To qualify for an Ikram Foundation Grant, you must be a divorced or widowed Muslim woman legally residing in the United States with demonstrated financial need.

What Documents do I need to Provide?

You will be required to provide a recent tax return, proof of residency, divorce decree or a death certificate

What is the process to get an Ikram Grant?

You will need to fill out an application that is found on our website here.  After the application is reviewed an Ikram team member will contact you to go through the approval process.

Is there a cap on the Ikram Grant?

Yes, there is a cap per grant for an Ikram applicant which the board decides, and the payment is  paid directly to the educational institution.

Can you receive more than one grant from Ikram?

As a previous recipient of an Ikram grant, you can reapply for remaining semesters and based on available funding, you can be considered for another grant. 

Does Ikram fund another degree or certification after the first one?

Ikram provides grants for a student’s first degree or certification course, to assist the student in getting an opportunity to have access to the job market. After the first grant, we encourage students to connect with hiring agencies.

Does Ikram fund Masters or Phd Degrees?

Starting 2019, Ikram Foundation has stopped taking any new applicants for postgraduate degrees.

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