Any divorced or widowed Muslim woman living in the United States interested in pursuing education or who is in need of education-related financial support is encouraged to apply to one of our 6 educational support programs.

This program offers small grants to low-income women interested in pursuing a college degree at an accredited college or university either as a new or returning student.
This program offers small grants to low-income women to pursue educational opportunities at accredited vocational institutions.
Interest-free loans are offered to cover tuition costs with flexible re-payment terms.
Assistance in re-paying commercial student loans
Professional women who meet income guidelines can apply for assistance covering fees related to accrediting degrees from foreign universities, professional licensing, certification exams, or other education-related fees.
Students interested in doing research in the area of divorce or widowhood in the Muslim community can submit research proposals for funding.

Grant amounts will be determined by the selection committee on a case by case basis. Priority consideration will be given to applicants with special circumstances. Documentation is required.